Blooming in the dark (knitmeapony) wrote,
Blooming in the dark

Looney Labs...

From Kristin Looney:

I just started pitching our games to, and I
have been telling the buyer that geeks love our games. We
were guests of honor a a Linux conference once, and Fluxx
and pyramid games are common at such geeky conventions!

so I thought I would put a call out to this list for a
few geek specific testimonials to send them - to help
convince them that our games would be a good fit for
their web site. Anyone want to take a crack at telling
me what it is that makes our games good geek gifts?

Thanks for helping us get more geeks access to our games!

Looney Labs are the makers of Fluxx, Chrononauts, IceHouse, TreeHouse, and a few more... anyone have any geek testimonials to share?

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